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Fashion brands ranked by number of 'Likes' on Facebook

So which brand leads the pack in number of "likes" on Facebook?

So which brand leads the pack in number of "likes" on Facebook?

According to's monthly Facebook Fashion Index, Converse completely out-numbered every other fashion brand on the social media platform, with 20,985,796 million "likes" in the month of November. The "All-star" company held the number one spot with almost ten million more "likes" than the next brand in line, Adidas, which accumulated 11,397,425 "likes."

Here are the remaining top twenty fashion brands ranked by "likes" in November 2011.

3. Burberry (9,808,722)
4. Levi's (9,371,541)
5. Nike Football (9,112,968)
6. Lacoste (6,742,187)
7. DC Shoes (6,196,780)
8. Puma (5,907,725)
9. Gucci (5,644,529)
10. Dior (5,612,573)

11. Chanel
12. The Art of Travel by Louis Vuitton
13. Ralph Lauren
14. Dolce & Gabbana
15. Vans
16. Nike Basketball
17. Coach
18. Ray-Ban
19. Tommy Hilfiger
20. Armani

Other notable brands that did not make it onto the top twenty include Uggs (No. 35), Louboutin (37), Jimmy Choo (38), Prada (39), Yves Saint Laurent (46), Michael Kors (52), Marc by Marc Jacobs (53), Rachel Zoe (60), Alexander McQueen (61), Hermes (64), Kate Spade (68), DKNY (82), Balenciaga (97) and Tory Burch (98).

Also, Calvin Klein may need to make an aggressive Facebook marketing push because it's remained at No. 21 in both October and November. Interestingly enough, these rankings do not hold true when assessed by number of followers on Twitter.

Your thoughts?

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