Imagine my horror after a botched brow appointment several months ago. I had requested a clean natural arch, and my dark brows were reduced to thin lines that made me look permanantly angry, surprised, and/or a combination of both.

For those who desire thick, lush eyebrows, we asked Rittenhouse Square-based, professional makeup artist Robby Nelson of Giovanni & Pileggi to walk us through the process on how to attain this fresh, youthful look. Watch the video and read our step-by-step guidelines, below.

Step 1: Start by prepping brows: tweeze any stray hairs underneath the arch.
Robby recommends following the natural brow line and having the highest point of the arch a little further out for a softer look.

Step 2: Use a soft eyebrow pencil or powder (matte eye shadow works, too) to start.
Robby prefers to use a pencil for a natural or day time look. Choose a shade that is slightly lighter than your natural eyebrow color – you want to create the illusion of a shadow. Tip: If you have really fair hair, choose a pencil one shade darker than hair color.

Step 3: Starting underneath the brown and working up, use short, soft strokes to fill in sparse spots in brows.
Move to the top of the brow and then to the outside end of the brow. Tip: You don't need to be too perfect – the less "drawn on" it looks, the better.

Step 4: For a more dramatic or evening look, use powder or layer on top of the pencil.
Tip: Use the same technique of short, soft strokes. Powder is a little more challenging and takes practice – don't get frustrated.

Step 5: Finish with clear brow gel or mascara to set the look.
Tip: A baby toothbrush and hair gel works, too!