It has been a tumultuous year for Fashion Police host and E! News anchor Giuliana Rancic.

In October, the 37-year-old journalist announced that she had breast cancer. The cancer was fortunately caught in its early stages, and Rancic immediately received lumpectomies to remove the tumor.

On Monday, an upfront Giuliana went on the Today show and announced that the procedures failed to completely remove the cancer, so she plans to undergo a double mastectomy next week.

Rancic told fans and supporters that she hopes to be better by New Years Eve, and furthermore, intends on ringing in 2012 with her hubby Bill Rancic in Times Square.

In an October interview with People, Giuliana confessed that the best thing about her husband was, "he lets me cry when I want to cry." The Rancics have their own show on the Style network titled, Giuliana & Bill.

Leading up to her diagnosis, the two were filmed attempting- with great difficulty- to have a baby through in vitro fertilisation (IVF). Luckily, her breast cancer was discovered during a mandatory check-up procedure as part of the IVF process.

Prayers and thoughts are with Giuliana and Bill, as she hopefully rings in the New Year with loved ones- cancer-free and on the road to full recovery.

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