An f-bomb filled tirade from Ye?! That's so out of character...

After debuting his fashion collection, dW by Kanye West, at Paris Fashion Week on Saturday, Kanye West hosted a star-studded, alcohol-fueled after party at a hot, new Parisian club. Guests included Lindsay Lohan, Bar Rafaeli, Karlie Kloss, Jared Leto, Anja Rubik and Chanel Iman, all of whom got to enjoy an emotionally-charged "thank you" speech from Kanye.

WWD provided an eye-witness account of the event and a full transcript of what Kanye said after he, "grabbed a microphone and launched into a stream-of-consciousness, obscenity-laced tirade." Read below.

Thank you for anybody that didn't believe, because they motivated us to break our boundaries.

This is my first collection. Please be easy. Please give me a chance to grow. This is not some celebrity s---. I don't f--- with celebrities. I f--- with the creatives in this room, the amazing people who spend every day of their life trying to make the world a more beautiful place.

The amount of people that tried to get me a celebrity f---ing deal. They said, 'You need to do boot-cut jeans, or you won't sell.' Shut the f--- up ! Or Hedi Slimane in the motherf---ing Mercer, sitting with me, saying, 'Stop giving them your ideas, Kanye. Do your own thing.' Hedi Slimane! [Hedi Slimane is an artist, designer and photographer who has worked for fashion houses like YSL and Dior. He has dressed Kanye in the past and was responsible for photographing Lady Gaga on the cover of her 2009 album, "The Fame Monster."]

To feel so frustrated. And I thank anybody who came to this party, everybody who supported, everybody who believed, because people thought it was a joke, and maybe people still do, but I can only grow from this point.

In the past, Kanye has proclaimed his passion for luxury fashion through his lyrics, which is common among artists these days. When the news that West was working on a fashion collection broke earlier this year, many wondered if his clothes would fall into the realm of another "typical celebrity fashion line."

West's love for the fashion industry materialized on the dW runway and was furthermore conveyed through his eloquent statement delivered that night. Not only did he admit that he has invested a tremendous amount in the collection, both financially and emotionally, but he took time to praise all those involved in fashion. It seems like from visiting Italy to "feel those fabrics" to "This is not some celebrity s---," Kanye is serious about his future as a designer.

However, it takes more than platinum-selling albums and No. 1 spots on Billboard to become a respected designer. A few of the initial reviews re-emphasized this point.

There's something about fashion design that makes untrained people think they can do it, too. (WSJ's Christina Binkley)

But a celebrity tag and a lively audience filled with music-business friends, does not cut it in Paris. (NYT's Suzy Menkes)

My personal take on the collection—they are clothes for Kanye's tribe, women who have to attend the Grammy Awards in statement making clothes that reveal a lot of skin. (Forbes' Blue Carreon)

Although the critics have been harsh thus far, we look forward to Kanye's response, especially if he receives the go-ahead for a F/W 2012 line. After all, he said it himself- "I can only grow from this point."

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