His passion for fashion is unrelenting.

In October, Kanye West debuted his fashion line, dW by Kanye West, at Paris Fashion Week. Although the collection was not well-received by critics, West did make a point that he is indeed, serious about pursuing a career in fashion design.

In an expletive-filled speech given at his show after-party, West thanked his supporters and added, "people thought it was a joke, and maybe people still do, but I can only grow from this point."

US designer Jeremy Scott added, "He's a fan of design across the board. I have five-hour long conversations with him all the time about everything because he's so obsessed, and I think we got a little bit of an insight into his mind there."

If growth for Yeezy means transplanting himself from Los Angeles to London, then this may indicate just how serious he is about designing. In an unsubstantiated rumor-fueled report, British tabloid the Sun claims that the Hermes of verses held a fete celebrating dW last week, and furthermore told guests that he is planning on returning to London after the holidays- to stay.

With his sophomore collection set to show at Paris Fashion Week in March, West is reportedly searching for a studio in the city where he is close to lecturers and industry professionals who can help him improve.

What are your thoughts? Is Ye, for real?

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