He's received Oscar noms and an endless supply of love letters from adoring fans. He's made it onto "hottest" and "most beautiful" lists since his days as a teen heartthrob, and projected his worth as a creative force in the entertainment industry. However, Jared Leto would be not-so-happy to learn that he has been dubbed, GQ's "Worst-Dressed Man in the World."

It appears that the publication has an issue with Leto's outfit choices in 2011, claiming that when it comes his couture, the 30 Seconds to Mars front man tries "too d-mn hard." Naturally, we couldn't help but agree that the former University of Arts student has been a repeat offender on the fashion faux-pas list this past year.

View GQ's hilarious slideshow, here

What are your thoughts? Does anyone top Leto in 2011 for this title?