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Lisa Frank adds apparel to her website

Twenty-somethings who collected Lisa Frank folders and stickers in the '90s might enjoy this. The website has added apparel to its official store.

Holy blast from the trapper keeper past.

The name "Lisa Frank" probably only rings a bell to those who either (a) grew up in the 90s or (b) raised a young child in that decade. I fall into that first category. When I was seven, the cool thing to do was sit around in a circle and trade stickers: Fuzzy stickers, hologram stickers, oily stickers, you name it.

However, the most coveted stickers came from none other than Lisa Frank, and the girl with the most comprehensive collection of Lisa Frank designs in his/her sticker book, ruled supreme above Mrs. Schwartz's second grade class. After all, what impressionable, young girl did not adore Frank's dancing dolphins or her leaping unicorns?

On Tuesday, Racked discovered that had added apparel to its official online store. So, those twenty-somethings who traded in four fuzzy stickers for one Lisa Frank hologram sticker back then, can now walk around in tee-shirts featuring her puppies and dolphins. If they want.

I mean, unless a '90s-themed house party is on one's itinerary in the looming future, why would any Frank fanatic in his/her right mind spend $45 on a logo sweatshirt? What we find even more disgruntling is that the item is back-ordered. We want to believe that shoppers were intrigued by the site's December special, which offers six free holiday pencils with toppers on orders over $50.

Either that, or be very scared of what you may or may not unwrap this holiday season. Neon or nice, it could be aesthetically appalling.