There's a scene in The Muppets where Kermit and the crew transform into "Muppet Man" to expedite an appointment with French Vogue editor-at-large Miss Piggy.

And what an appropriate role for the fashion-friendly Muppet, who coincidentally released her collaboration line with M•A•C in time for the holidays.

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The limited edition, online-exclusive line includes three products- all of which are focused on enhancing the eyes: A pink shadow ($33), liner ($32) and lash set ($18).

In an interview with Oyster magazine, Miss Piggy tells the publication that of the three, her favorite is the eye shadow because, "Nothing brings out moi's natural beauty like pink eye-shadow, especially when accessorized with an adoring frog." She also professes her adoration for Lady Gaga, but apparently, the singer's makeup is a bit too much for Piggy's personal taste.

On wardrobe malfunctions, which seem to be a common issue among celebrities these days, Piggy admits, "If something that looks like a wardrobe malfunction happens to moi, it was intentional." She also confesses, "We divas are très clever that way."