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Nicki Minaj has a wardrobe malfunction on GMA

Singer, rapper extraordinaire Nicki Minaj came "right out of [her] clothes" during a live performance on Good Morning America on Friday morning.

Oh Nicki Minaj.

The fierce singer/rapper extraordinaire made an appearance as part of Good Morning America's concert series on Friday. The Barbie of Hip-Hop performed on-stage in a colorful, Alison Brod-pink jacket and bubble skirt, with an extremely low-cut, loose-fitting, seafoam-green halter top.

In an outfit so ill-fitting, it was inevitable that there would be some level of wardrobe malfunction. Or in this case, a fleeting nip-slip during her live performance of "Where Dem Girls At."

This photo has been altered for editorial reasons. (AP Photo / Charles Sykes)

In a statement released on Friday afternoon, the network said, "We are sorry that this occurred." Furthermore, ABC said they had edited out the nipple exposure segments for later feeds in other parts of the country.

It makes us think of Nicki's song, "Letting Go" with Sean Kingston. The lyrics go something like,

"What if you would just come right out of these clothes?
You can finally feel the wind when it blows.
Don't be scared to be free, to let go, show it off.
Feel like letting go."

Oh, oh, oh, oh.