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Will yogurt cure a yeast infection if I put it "inside"?

Will yogurt cure a yeast infection if I put it "inside"?

Will yogurt cure a yeast infection if I put it "inside"?

Matthew Fagan, MD, is an urogynecologist at Lankenau Medical Center, a part of Main Line Health.

Vaginal yeast infections are very common, and many women might be affected by them once or twice per year. Although there are different ways to treat a yeast infection, yogurt is not one of them. One of the myths surrounding yeast infections is that eating yogurt and the natural bacteria it contains can help to prevent an infection from occurring. While yogurt does contain natural healthy bacteria, it cannot prevent a yeast infection regardless of how it is used.

Yogurt isn¹t the answer to a yeast infection, but fortunately, the solutions are usually simple ones that don¹t necessarily require a doctor¹s visit. Effective self-care methods include nonprescription creams and over-the-counter medications, which can be purchased from pharmacies and most grocery stores. These treatments typically treat a yeast infection and the associated symptoms within a few days.

In addition to these methods, there are steps that you can take to prevent a yeast infection. Avoid fabrics that don¹t allow your body to breathe. Choose lighter fabrics like cotton undergarments, which can deter a yeast infection from occurring. Finally, avoid douches.

Douching alters the natural bacteria in the vagina and can actually increase the risk of yeast vaginitis.

Although yeast infections are common, four or more a year is cause for concern. Make an appointment with your doctor if you have recurring yeast infections or your infection is not responding to these self-care methods.