Not content with picking a new executive director, naming himself chairman, and replacing a board member, Mayor Nutter today sacked the long-serving general counsel of the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority today.

Robert Guerra, 57, had worked at the RDA his entire career. He was given until the end of the day to pack up his office and leave.

"I've had some better days in my life," Guerra said this afternoon. "They just said they needed to make a change."

Nutter spokesman Doug Oliver said there was nothing more to the decision then "we're the new guys, we're bringing in some new people."

But the administration doesn't have a new general counsel ready. Another RDA employee will fill the role on an interim basis. Guerra, who was seen as a loyalist to recently departed RDA chair and union boss John Doughert, was not offered another position within the authority.

We covered Nutter's other RDA changes last week.