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City: $5 million uncollected from dog license fees each year

The city controller released a report today that found less than five percent of Philadelphians license their dog with the city, as required.

Dog owners of Philadelphia - cough it up.

The City Controller's Office released a report today saying less than five percent of the city's estimated 350,000 dogs have been licensed with the city, as is required under Philadelphia's code.

City Controller Alan Butkovitz said that means more than $5 million goes uncollected every year.

The $16 licenses are only necessary for dogs four months and older. Other pets do not need to be licensed.

If lost, dogs wearing a city license receive a longer stay at the shelter and information can be used to reunite owner and pet, the city's website says.

All dogs are required to have current rabies vaccine in order to obtain a license.

Here's the link to register your pooch:

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