Of course there were mummers and cheesesteaks as a committee to select the city to host the Democrats 2016 presidential convention started a two-day tour of Philadelphia in Philly style.

The mummers strummed as the bus carrying the Democratic National Committee delegation pulled up to a crowd waiting the Warwick Hotel that included reenactors dressed in colonial period garb and the Eagles mascot.

Also in the crowd to greet the visitors were former Gov. Ed Rendell and Mayor Nutter, who posed with a donkey mascot, and and Rep. Robert Brady.

After the delegation settled in at the hotel, they headed over to 9th Street and Passayunk Avenue, where they were introduced to cheesesteaks at Pat's Steaks. And, oh yes, "Rocky" was there, too.

Noting the large turnout outside the Warwick, Nutter saud, "The enthusiasm in Philadelphia about the possibility of hosting the Democratic National Convention in 2016 is pretty evident."

Philadelphia police and State police escorted the bus across the Ben Franklin Bridge.

"We told them, we're bringing you in Philly style,'" Nutter said. "We do things well and we do things big."

"They are going to see a vibrant city, an exciting city of Millennials but also a city of great history."

Nutter said that the city will not pay directly for any of the convention costs.

“The deal is there will be no city dollars spent to host the Democratic National Convention should it come here,” Nutter said. “It’s why we have the nonprofit … We have significant fundraising capacity

To mark the delegation's visit, landmark locations around Philadelphia will be lit red, white, and blue Wednesday and Thursday as part of the city's effort to be picked to host the convention.

The PECO building's message sign will declare, "Philadelphia Welcomes the DNC Selection Team," officials said. The Cira Centre will have lights that read "DNC PHL." The LOVE Park fountain will have blue water. Boathouse Row will be lit up, as will One Liberty Place and Two Liberty Place.Other locations, including along South Broad Street, also will feature welcome decorations or lights.

Philadelphia is competing for the 2016 convention against Brooklyn, N.Y.; Phoenix, Ariz.; Birmingham, Ala.; and Columbus, Ohio.

Philadelphia last hosted a national political convention in 2000, when the Republican Party chose George W. Bush as its candidate.