As part of the kick-off to the biotechnology industry's annual world convention in Philadelphia, Mayor Nutter has declared Monday Energy Independence Day.

Nutter will deliver a proclamation Monday to the biotech industry executives in town for their four day conference at the Convention Center.

The Biotech Industry Organization's 11th Annual World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology will be bringing more than 1,200 scientists and business leaders to the city. The conference will gather company representatives from the chemicals, fuels, consumer product manufacturers and biotechnology sectors to discuss partnerships and technology development.

The organization chose to have its convention in Philadelphia because of the state's efforts in sustainable energy, including natural gas and the use of clean and renewable liquid fuels, said Paul Winters, spokesman for the Biotechnology Industry Organization, said.

Winters also applauded the city's Greenworks initiative.

If all goes well, BIO will be back with an even larger crowd next year. The organization expects to host the international convention in Philadelphia next spring, bringing more than 15,000 industry representatives to the city.

Given this week's news surrounding the convention center and the carpenters' union disagreement, biotech conference attendees might have to cross some pickets lines to attend their forums and events.

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