Anti-poverty activist Cheri Honkala and Kensington media man Richie Antipuna plan to file about 3,000 signatures this week with city election officials to get onto Philadelphia's election ballot this fall - Honkala as a candidate for sheriff and Antipuna  for city commissioner.

The filing deadline is next Monday, but they're planning to visit City Hall at lunchtime Friday to drop off their petitions, Honkala said. It takes a minimum of 1,845 signatures to get onto the ballot as independent candidates.

"We 're running as Green Party candidates, but I'm not sure how it will appear on the ballot," said Honkala, 48, whose biggest platform plank is to end the sheriff's real estate sales.

Antipuna, 39, star of his own weekly show, focused on Kensington, appearing on cable and Internet TV,  says his major emphasis will be voter education.  "I never wanted to be a politician and even if I'm elected I won't be a politician," he vows.  "I'll still be a regular guy."

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