Former Mayor Michael Nutter's teaching job at Columbia University just got a title boost.

Nutter was named the inaugural David N. Dinkins Professorship of Professional Practice in Urban and Public Affairs at the school on Thursday.

The professorship honors Dinkins, the first and only African-American mayor of New York City who is also a professor of professional practice at Columbia.

Nutter, whose daughter attends Columbia, joined the faculty this semester and is currently teaching a course called Leadership and Urban Transformation.

Nutter called the professorship an honor. "I have admired Mayor Dinkins for many years for his trailblazing leadership as New York City's first African American mayor, and also because he has served as such an important role model for the diverse group of mayors who have served since his time in office," he said in a news release.

Dinkins called Nutter "an effective urban reformer and innovator who keeps humanity at the forefront of his goals."

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