Brian Grady is 40 years old - but he has been planning his run for district attorney since he was 20.

A criminal defense lawyer at Grady & Falcione, as a teen he had thoughts of joining the military or the FBI. But those early hopes were dashed when he shattered his knee in high school. "So I had a conversation with my dad about what I wanted to do. It was become district attorney in Philadelphia."

And so it is that Grady - like a handful of others mentioned in today's Inquirer story - plans soon to launch a campaign to succeed Lynne Abraham in office.

The little-known Notre Dame law school grad says he has opened a political committee, but "I'm still putting some more things in place." He expected to announce in early January.

He said he has no political ties and has not before run for office. "I'm not going to raise the most money, I won't kid myself about that," he said, "but I will raise enough money to run the campaign I need to run."

His main goal: Quashing the vast amount of witness intimidation that takes place in the city. "I think we are living in the most violent Philadelphia we've ever lived in, in anyone's lifetime, and it's got to stop."

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