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Jameer for the Finals?

The Magic are re-evaluating Jameer Nelson.

Jameer Nelson is pretty good at everything he does, which means he has been a good cheerleader/unofficial assistant coach during the Orlando Magic's run to the NBA Finals. But talking to him during the first round, you could tell he was dying inside. His first All-Star season, truncated when he tore up his shoulder and had surgery in February, has led him to this place -- and you know it's been killing him.

But now, suddenly, there is talk that he is about to be re-evaluated physically. It comes from the top of the Orlando organization, and it's on the record, so there must be something there.

Maybe it's just wishful thinking from a part of the country where Nelson made his name at Chester High and Saint Joseph's, and left an indelible mark -- but Jameer putting on a uniform and playing in the Finals, even a little bit in the Finals, would add an element of interest to the post-LeBron landscape that might not otherwise be there.

It's probably a longshot, but a person can dream.