Q: My boyfriend's mother held a big barbecue over the Memorial Day weekend. He did not invite me to the barbecue.

We've been dating for six months. Should I feel some kind of way?

Mia: Yes and no.

Yes, because if he's your guy, why wouldn't he want you to be there sharing his mom's ribs?

On the other hand, men can get weird when it comes to bringing girls home to mama. Maybe he's not ready for that kind of scene yet.

If I were you, I'd give him a pass - this time. But if he acts the fool come, say, July Fourth, then it'll be time for some fireworks.

Steve: You didn't say how old he is. If you're in your 20s and he's serious about you, I'd think he'd want to introduce you to his family.

But if you and your guy pal are in your 40s or 50s, it could simply be that his mother is quite elderly and not up to a lot of company.

Either way, you ought to talk with him about it instead of just wondering.

Q: I just started dating this man and we had sex, but his penis is only 3 inches long when it's hard. The condom won't even stay on it. He's really nice, but it's just not there. What should I do? I'm thinking of moving on.

Steve: Well, as that great 1950s R&B group the Swallows sang (covered nicely in the 1980s by Southside Johnny), "It ain't the meat, it's the motion." Maybe your man has neither.

You can always improve things, but if, after a bit of trying, it's still "not there," then it probably never will be.

Mia: Head for the hills, girlfriend. If you're not feeling him now, pun intended, you won't feel him later.