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Knit Wit

Philadelphia "yarn bombing" artist Jessie Hemmons' inspirational knit.

Philadelphia "guerilla knitter" Jessie Hemmons last month did one of her whimsical "yarn bombing" exploits in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

On April 2, she decked out the Rocky statue with a neon pink sweater that reads "Go See the Art." Sorry I missed the event. Sweater must have been an XXXL. The moment is reported in today's New York Times on "Graffiti's Cozy, Feminine Side."

Hemmons' sweater speaks the truth. Too few tourists, and probably residents as well, stop to snap the statue, race up the stairs, and don't venture inside. Perhaps the PMA should explore selling the sweaters at the gift shops.

Hemmons, who has been profiled in the Inquirer for her terrific turtlenecks for trees in Rittenhouse Square and other projects that have enlivened the city.

To learn more about this creative artist and her fun products, visit her website.

Now, how about knitting something for the outsized Frank Rizzo outside the Municipal Services Building?

--Karen Heller