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Eagles' Vietnam connection

Memories of a solitary Linc visit, and meeting an important person in Jeff Lurie's future.

True story.

I am an Eagles fan, but not particularly a fan of Eagles' owner Jeff Lurie.

That's because taxpayers coughed up $171 million to build Lincoln Financial Field, though most of will never, ever score season tickets.

Ten years ago, I went to the Linc press preview and figured that was it.

All the Eagles home games would be just that — watched at home

Then, a friend called and offered me his seats. He couldn't go because it was Yom Kippur.

Think it's important to point out that the friend was St. George Hunt, known as "Saint" to his absurd number of friends. The Wayne veteranarian was prohibited from attending due to his wonderful wife, Suzi Robinovitz.

Although it didn't stop St. George from participating in the tailgate festitivites. St. George died in 2008. One thousand people attended his funeral. And quite a few dogs.

Anyway, we scored Saint's Yom Kippur tickets and are strolling around the Linc, feeling like we pretty much own the place.

Which we kind of do due to the $171 million.

Plus we thought we would recognize plenty of people.

We did not.

Not one fan.

Clearly, there are two types of people: Eagles'  ticket holders and the rest of us.

Then, out of the Eagles' green, someone yells my name.

It's Benny Lai, owner of Vietnam restaurant in Chinatown. (And later Vietnam Cafe in West Philadelphia.)

"You have season tickets?" I asked

"No, Yom Kippur tickets!" he announced with delight, a gift from the hotel-owner across the street.

Fast forward to last weekend.

Jeff Lurie got remarried.

To Tina Lai.

Benny's sister.

While we have returned to watching home games at home, I have a feeling that Benny has some pretty nice season tickets now.

--Karen Heller