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A majorly mustachioed Mayor Nutter?

Old photos never disintegrate once they've been uploaded to a smartphone.

Today's column gave me a chance to introduce readers to a colorful Center City character, Leroy Mickens II, hotel doorman extraordinaire.

The piece ran with an iconic photo of Mickens on the job hailing a cab in his signature white gloves. The image, taken by street photographer Michael Penn, captures the timeless elegance of a man who views service as both his calling and "an opportunity.

Alas, we didn't have room to run a second fabulous photo of Mickens, so I'm including it here. He may be 70, but the doorman knows how to work a smartphone and a scanner. So he could easily share this gem from an era when both men had more hair.

Yes, that's a young City Council candidate named Michael Nutter grinning through his bushy mustache. Seems weird to see hizzoner without the goatee or glasses. Oh, to be young again.

-- Monica Yant Kinney