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Booze loses in OC

A tradition worth keeping

Once-dry South Jersey towns such as Moorestown, Willingboro, Stratford and Audubon have said yes to liquor in recent years.

But on Tuesday, voters in Ocean City -- aka "America's Greatest Family Resort" -- said no.

The rejection of a proposed BYOB measure, while understandably disappointing to some restaurant owners, ought to be welcome news to anyone concerned about the homogenization of…pretty much everything,  everywhere.

The traditions, the conventions and yes, the quirks that give South Jersey its character are slowly being eroded; soon there will be an Applebee's, a Walgreens and a Wawa at every intersection.

Or on every boardwalk.

So a person does not have to be a Luddite or Women's Christian Temperance Union member to be heartened that the residents of at least one distinctive community have taken a stand against standardization.