New Jersey's 9.8 percent unemployment rate, which some call a record, is a "poll" and not a reliable indicator of his success, Chris Christie says.

Those merchants of negativity more commonly called journalists make "apples and oranges" comparisons when they question his celebrated statewide job creation figures in light of his state's rising unemployment, the governor insists.

But Gannett NJ journalists made an actual count -- of staffers in Christie's office -- and found that  both employment and job creation are up! The workforce has increased by 18 and now stands at 134, with strong growth in the communications and scheduling sectors.

Gannett reporters Bob Jordan and Michael Symons quote Christie spokesman Michael Drewniak as calling the uptick in gubernatorial office employment "reasonable" in light of an overall 5,400 cut in the state government payroll.

Indeed: With all those YouTube videos to upload, town halls to stage and Comeback/Endless Summer campaigns to wage, Team Christie has plenty of work to do.