You've got to hand it to Philadelphia City Council. Its members are nothing if not consistent in their blockheadedness.

Even those who've been forced out of a job by the overtaxed masses continue to vote with their wallets, not brains. How else to explain the 15-2 passage of legislation to save DROP, the excoriated and expensive deferred retirement plan that makes Philadelphians gag at the mere mention? These officials are so entrenched, they give entrenchment a bad name.

But is anyone surprised? Two years ago, Council President Anna Verna said famously of her half-million DROP haul: "I'm entitled to it." At the same time, Verna's likely succesor, Majority Leader Marian Tasco, whined that she "resented" being "maligned" for taking a perk available to all city workers.

Really? Are any garbage men or file clerks pocketing $478,057 for retiring for a day? If so, please contact me.

-- Monica Yant Kinney

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