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Jerry Sandusky: Marketing tool

Anti-gay group makes poster boy of convicted pedophile

An anti-gay group is using the name of America's most famous pedophile to gin up opposition to New Jersey's proposed ban on "conversion" therapy for young homosexuals.

At a Trenton press conference Monday, a self-described "former homosexual" leader of an organization birthed by "Family First New Jersey" claimed the legislation should be renamed the "Jerry Sandusky Victimization Act."

The measure approved in March by a state Senate committee would prohibit licensed therapists from the quack practice of inflicting gay-straight/presto-changeo upon gay minors.

But to "Citizens Against the Jerry Sandusky Victimization Act,"  the ban would rob straight pedophilia victims who are at risk of going gay from switching back with a shrink's help.

Most people, including Gov. Christie, don't believe gays can be transformed into straights, or vice versa. As for the "Citizens" effort to make a criminal into a marketing tool, Troy Stevenson, director of Garden State Equality, has the perfect adjective.