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Now you see it

Views of Chris Christie

Newt Gingrich's presidential bid is falling apart faster than you can say "DSK."

Closer to home, support for Chris Christie's "I'm not running" campaign looks softer, too.

Three new polls, including the latest Monmouth University survey, suggest that those who know New Jersey's governor best -- in other words, people in New Jersey – are less enamored of The Great Disrupter than, say, voters in New Hampshire. Familiarity breeds discontent, it seems.

Speaking of Christie and numbers, the governor is taking credit for the state's surprise income tax revenue surge of between $511 million and $913 million.

So what if the nonpartisan Office of Legislative Services (OLS) maintains that the operation of the stock market – gains from which account for much of the additional revenue – has little to do with policymaking in Trenton?

The Christie administration doesn't much care for OLS-timates anyway; state treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff describes the $402 million difference between his (lower) and their (higher) tax revenue projections as no big deal … relative to the size of Christie's $29.4 billion budget.

So it's a matter of perspective, if not proximity.

Just like voters' views of Chris Christie.