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One-way Street

We have often walked down this Street before.

T. Milton Street Sr., former hot dog vendor, resident of a federal penitentiary, and perpetual candidate, has decided to inflict himself on the Philadelphia electorate once more

He has decided to run for mayor in 2015, but will wait until after the May primary to milk this for all its worth.

Be still our beating hearts.

Uncle Milton joins former City Councilman Frank Rizzo, once again a Democrat, in the brother/son division of mayoral hopefuls that makes many of us less than — hopeful, that is.

As I noted when Frannie announced his return to the dominant party last fall and announced his interest in the mayor's job, "We should be deeply troubled by Philadelphia's staggering, depressing lack of rising political talent, no depth on the bench or outstanding rookies in the field. It's not clear there even is a bench or field. Every time I look at the pool of likely mayoral candidates, I want to curl up in a fetal position and take a nap. Instead of excitement, a young crusader, an enlightened outsider, even a self-financed Bloombergian billionaire, we get Son Ofs, Also Rans, Has Beens, and Never Weres." Now, add Brothers Of.

Friends, Philadelphia can do so much better.

--Karen Heller