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Saying something nice about Camden

A (mostly) heartening response

Turns out plenty of people want to "say something nice about Camden."

As I wrote in Tuesday's column, a billboard displaying that suggestion now towers over Admiral Wilson Boulevard as part of a campaign that includes a website, a Facebook page  and a Twitter feed: @ssnac.

"The reaction has been so overwhelmingly positive, it is amazing," says Jennifer Barton, a communications professional and former city resident who's behind the campaign. "Reading and hearing the wonderful things people have to say, sharing their memories and their hopes for Camden - it has been incredible."

Needless to say, some of those commenting on on SSNAC's website could not resist travelling to the snark side.

But the positives are plentiful.

My favorite arrived in the form of a voicemail left by a caller from suburban Westmont, NJ.

"Go Camden!" she said.