Just got a call from Harry Hurst over at the Simeone Foundation Museum. That international award the Southwest Philadelphia collection of 66 classic racing cars was up for?

First prize.

Vroom, vroom.

Neurosurgeon Fred Simeone has spent most of his life admiring then collecting cars that demonstrate mankind's competitive drive. Jaw-dropping Alfas, Ferraris, Bentleys and Bugattis that have run the big races.

Tonight in London his collection grabbed the top prize, beating better known auto assemblages from Germany, the UK and Los Angeles.

The International Historic Motoring Awards chose the Simeone as "Museum of the Year." The judging panel included TV host Jay Leno, vintage car racer and Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, Pebble Beach Chief Judge Ed Gilbertson, five-time Le Mans winner Derek Bell and Lady Susie Moss, wife of Sir Stirling Moss.

Here's the piece that ran on Monday about the treasure-by-the-airport, which has been open to the public only since 2008.