The boys at Teenage Kicks asked me for a list of the year's best CDs and songs. I wish I could follow instructions.
We really should just hit PLAY here, because this is a playlist, not a greatest albums or songs list. It's meant to move.
To be honest, I didn't listen to albums that often in 2008. Or buy them, unless you count that Neil Young show from 1968 that just came out. So this is the best I can do -- a livable, listenable list of songs recording made or released this year. I have been hunting and gathering for several weeks, and am grateful for Largehearted Boy, who each year links all these blogger lists of the best this and that, and I have been waking up early and right-clicking merrily.
Here's the result. It, like I, is rockist and unrepentant. It starts with murder, and features smoking guns, philosophy, Cleveland, `70's guitar licks, a two-cow-garage, truckers to drive by, a girl from Philly, and a remake of Ronnie Laine' s arrangement of a Derroll Adams song. And they say rock is dead.

Murder In The City             The Avett Brothers                    

Times Like These              Ryan Adams                            

Frankie's Gun!                   The Felice Brothers                                               

Roll On Babe                     Vetiver                                         

Cleveland                          Luke Doucet and the White Falcon

Black Pear Tree                The Mountain Goats and Kaki King

Paint A Face                     Neil Halstead

Before It Gets Better          Earlimart

Lost Coastlines                 Okkervil River

Black Balloon                    The Kills

Night of Joy                       The Breeders

A Ghost to Most                Drive-By Truckers

I Don't Wanna Grow Up       Hayes Carll

Slapped Actress                The Hold Steady

Great Expectations            The Gaslight Anthem

Your Humble Narrator         Two Cow Garage

Man Made Lake                 Calexico

Sex on Fire                        Kings of Leon

Nothing Ever Happened       Deerhunter

You'll Find A Way               Santogold

Golden Age                        TV On The Radio.

 Play this list loud!