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Father's Day

For priest and son, helping rescue troubled teens is a family affair.

Together, Alex and Steve Siniari dodge bullets, prowl abandoned buildings, and crawl under the Atlantic City Boardwalk - all in a day's work trying to reach troubled teens.

Alex calls his dad Padre, but everyone else refers to him as Father Steve, since he's an Albanian Orthodox priest.  Father Steve, has moonlighted for years at Covenant House in Atlantic City, which deals with runaway and throwaway youths.

For Father's Day, Inquier columnist Monica Yant Kinney writes that four years ago, after dropping out of college and drifting between bartending and selling cars, Alex applied for a job at Covenant House secretly, not sure he wanted it or how his father would react. Since then, the younger Siniari married a coworker and landed a promotion. Today, as outreach coordinator, Alex is technically his dad's boss.