Just when I thought last week it couldn't get any better photo-wise - a Star Trek convention - I ended up covering Supersonic Jets and more than 80 "Static" aircraft on the flight line at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. The base opened its gates to the public over the weekend for its first air show since 2008.

I'd been told more than 300,000 people were expected, and cars would start to line up at 8 a.m. for the 11 a.m. opening.

But it wasn't that bad as I arrived on the road leading up to the main gate. Even without time to look around in stop-and-go traffic, I noticed families sitting in their cars and mini-vans in a parking lot along Main Street, so without hesitation, I pulled right over.

The show would go on until 4 p.m. so I figured I could miss the opening drop of the U.S. Army Golden Knight precision parachute team.

I drove up first to the Davis family (above), missionaries who run the drop-in Armed Forces Baptist Mission Christian Service Center in a storefront in the little strip mall next to Thunderbird Lanes (I wondered which name came first, the bowling alley or the USAF Thunderbirds, headliner stars of the air show). They had watched the air show practice runs on Friday and decided the parking lot would be a great place to see all the show. "They flew right over us," Ellen said. She, her husband Arlan and son Nicholas pointed out the control tower, visible through the fence, and all the visitors walking across a huge field, giving me a good sense of how the parking and logistics would work once I got on the base.

But I wasn't in any hurry. I was into the scene in the parking lot.

Also avoiding the lines, crowds and long walk from parking lots were retired commercial pilot and former US Army helicopter pilot (Vietnam, 1967-70) Terry McInery and his grandson. He said he'd been attentend these shows for forty years and also knew all the tricks. "We can see just fine from here, and I can get food, drinks, or change diapers... there is no way I'm carrying him, and then standing in lines like Disneyworld." But then he told me he planned on returning by himself on Sunday.

I did eventually make my way ONTO the base...

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