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Last snow of the season

No more snow photos

Spring arrived this weekend, along with a final blast of snow. It came on my day off, and after a season of shooting "weather art," it was refreshing to just hang out at home, look out the window and think about my colleagues trudging in it out there instead of me.

Looking at the newspaper Saturday morning, I expected to see one last collection of photos of people shoveling, blowing or sledding. Instead, to my delight, there were two wonderful snow photos, shot by fellow staffer Ed Hille and our intern, Meaghan Pogue.

I didn't see a lot of "pretty" snow pictures this winter, so I was good to see Ed captured one along a roadside in Delaware County. You could almost cut his photo in half - make it either geese in flight over the barn, or cattle in front of the barn - and it's still a nice photo.

And in the category of showing people having to deal with the snow, Meaghan's spray of wet white gobs headed toward her camera. A totally unique on clearing a windshield.

(I shot the photo at the top of this, during our previous last "storm," of the season. That one also on my day off)