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Not From Around Here

If a photo falls in the wrong part of the forest, does it make a sound?

This was my favorite photo of the day. Unfortunately, he's not from our part of the state so he doesn't make the newspaper. That's Tyler Brooks from Daniel Boone Area High School in Birdsboro. He was warming up in the grass infield, doing some sprints and skipping around in preparation for the triple-jump.

I was covering the opening day of the state high school track and field championships at Shippensburg University. As I've mentioned a few times, in recent years I haven't shot much sports.

Thankfully Inquirer sports writer Keith Pompey, who was already covering early field events when I arrived, had gone through the program and gave me a cheat sheet with names - and the numbers even - of some boys and girls from our area who were expected to do well. Even with his help, I found myself visually overwhelmed, trying to switch between runners and jumpers.

I was waiting so shoot Methacton HS senior Carlton Lavong. He had carved an LJ and TJ into the side of his blond Mohawk haircut (left) signifying his long-jump and triple-jump events. He ended up breaking the triple-jump state-meet record in a preliminary heat. I missed it, as I was shooting the girl's long-jump final across the field. I did come running up just in time to get him reacting to the officials posting his jump - 50 feet, 5 inches.

Just like at the Stotesbury Regatta a few weeks ago - the last sporting event I covered - I ended up shooting non-action photos. As along the river, here I liked the colors of the athletes' tents and panned with the girls running in the 1600 meters. At the regatta it was reflections. I guess at my next sporting event I'll have to go with silhouettes.