Senior defensive tackle Jordan Hill knows his time at Penn State is ticking down. That's why Saturday's game against No. 9 Ohio State -- tied with the Nittany Lions atop the Leaders Division -- is perhaps extra special for the senior.

But where does it rank in his career? "Number one," Hill said.

In a conference call Tuesday morning, Hill was candid about a couple things, including Urban Meyer, the impact Bill O'Brien has had on the Penn State program and potential transfers. Here are some notes:

-Hill was asked if, at this point, Ohio State is Penn State's biggest rival: "Yeah," he said. "They are."

-Penn State fans weren't the only ones who heard rumors that Urban Meyer could be Penn State's next head coach. Hill said Penn State players heard the rumors too. "But you never know what is true and what isn't true," Hill said. The senior said Meyer was even present at two Penn State practices last season, right around the time Joe Paterno was fired. It should be noted that Meyer was on two ESPN/ABC broadcast teams for Penn State games last season, so it is unclear if that is why he was there.

-True freshman Eugene Lewis -- a high school quarterback turned wide receiver -- has been emulating Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller at practice this week.

-Hill was asked what the biggest thing Bill O'Brien has taught the team this year. The senior didn't flinch: "A winning mentality," he said. "He wants to win and he wants to win now."

-Hill has high expectations for the all-stadium whiteout on Saturday. "The stadium will be crazy," Hill said. "One of the craziest experiences at Beaver Stadium ever."

-Hill was asked what guys who transferred or guys who will transfer will miss out on. The senior declined to discuss the former, but offered this:  "Who knows who's going to leave in the future, but unless it is a crazy situation, it wouldn't be a smart move to leave."

-Emily Kaplan