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Rose Bowl, Day 2

LOS ANGELES -- The fun in LaLa continues. Here's a rundown on the stories, tidbits in this morning's paper:

-- Here's a feature on Southern Cal quarterback Mark Sanchez, who has embraced his Mexican heritage and likewise has been embraced by L.A.'s Mexican-American community.

-- USC has an unorthodoxed methodology regarding its practices. It's all generated by the eternally-youthful Pete Carroll. Penn State, on the other hand, is the direct opposite. We have Joe Paterno to thank and curse for that.

-- Carroll, by the way, is the topic in my e-mail conversation with Bob Ford and Phil Sheridan.

-- With Pat Devlin gone and Paul Cianciolo now the backup, Penn State's offensive options have dwindled. Wide receiver Derrick Williams has been taking snaps and Carroll, for one, expects to see the Lions run him in the "The Wildcat."

-- Here's what Paterno did yesterday and what I expect him to do today:

What Joe did yesterday: Joe held a staff meeting with his coaches in the morning, ran practice in the afternoon, and attended Lawry's Beef Bowl, a Rose Bowl tradition for the teams at a local eatery.

What Joe might do today: Joe, with his new hip, might climb the hill to the iconic "Hollywood" sign and say, to no one in particular, "I remember when this thing read: 'Hollywoodland.' "