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Rose Bowl, Day 3

LOS ANGELES -- I must say, there are some nice things about L.A. Like sitting in your hotel room and looking out your window and seeing snow capped mountains. But I digress ... Here's a look at yesterday at the Rose Bowl in this morning's paper:

-- With yesterday's press conference it's looking more and more as if Penn State defensive coordinator Tom Bradley has accepted his fate as an assistant coach for life. Juxtapose that with Southern Cal offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian, who is headed to Washington to take over as head coach, and you get a pretty good look at two paths for college assistants.

-- Joe Paterno sent a message to his players by demoting a few starters.

-- Sort of like their counterparts, the Trojans are celebrities in their town. The difference is, Penn State players are idols in a valley in the middle of nowhere and Southern Cal players are stars in a valley at the center of the glitz and glamor universe.

-- Talkin' took a day off because of the Eagles victory, but here's our Joe Paterno take:

What Joe did yesterday: Joe attended church with his team and prayed for a victory. (I assume.) He also had a one-on-one interview with ESPN's Chris Fowler.

What Joe might do today: Joe might wake up early and get in line for a spot in the audience for The Price is Right. Joe might "come on down" and spin the wheel, but might overbid on the Showcase Showdown.