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$74 million Air Force contract helps save 550 Delco jobs

Air Force and Navy contracts for more than 1 million infrared decoys will keep 550 workers at Alloy Surfaces Co. Inc.'s three Aston plants working for the next two years, says president John LaFemina.

Alloy Surfaces Co. Inc. says it's won a $74.2 million contract from the Air Force, and an $8.6 million Navy contract, to build more than one million "special material decoys" used by fighters, helicopters and other military aircraft to distract pursuers.  Release here.

"This keeps us going real well for the next two years," Alloy Surfaces president John LaFemina told me. "We make infrared decoys. It's a one-by-one-by-eight inch metal can. Material comes out and forms this infrared source that's more attractive" to enemy missiles "than the aircraft."