Omnimetrix, a Georgia-based online gasoline- and diesel-powered electric generator monitoring service owned by Wilmington-based Acorn Energy Inc., says its system helped keep emergency, corrections, 911 and other public services in Ocean County, NJ running through Hurricane Sandy when some other Shore power sources failed. Statement here. 
Omnimetrix says its system keeps generator failures below 2%, vs. an average of 10%-15% for unmonitored systems "when called on." That reduces the likelihood of the serious trouble that overwhelmed NYU's hospital last week when intensive care units had to be evacuated down 9 flights of stairs because a backup generator failed, says Deena Redding, OmniMetrix chief executive. "We are getting more calls" from the service post-Sandy, she adds.
Publicly-traded Acorn, which presented at the Wharton Energy Conference at the Union League last week, invests in "smart grid" firms that use software and digital systems to reduce clients' energy demand. (Update, adds Redding comment)