"The timing is right," given the current fat stock prices in the food industry, for Aramark Corp.'s planned public stock offering that would take the Philadelphia cafeteria-service giant public for the third time, says analyst Vicki Bryan in a report for Gimme Credit LLC.

If Aramark's stock boosts its market capitalization to the expected $11 or $12 billion, or 9 to 10 times estimated 2013 earnings (before income tax, depreciation, amortization) of 1.2 billion, "this implies a tidy profit" over the $8.3 billion (not quite 9 times EBITDA) that Aramark sold for in August 2006, when the company was taken private by Chairman Joseph Neubauer and his partners at GS (Goldman Sachs) Capital Partners, CCMP Advisors, JPMorgan, Thomas H. Lee Partners, Warburg Pincus LLC.
"Aramark's operation shave been steadily improving over the past three years" with growing sales and profits, and the company has refinanced debt to cut finance costs, Bryan added. Aramark will strengthen its position further if it uses significant proceeds to pay down "several billion of the total $6.2 billion debt," mostly owed to banks.