Does Atlantic City and its piney and berry-laden hinterland deserve to be ranked with South Florida, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and "the entire state of West Virginia" as one of "America's most unfair jurisdictions?"
That's what the American Tort Reform Association, which represents corporate interests who want to limit lawsuits,  tells us in this report. Summary: 
"Atlantic County, New Jersey, and the state known as the 'nation's medicine cabinet,' has become the destination of choice for those suing the pharmaceutical industry.... Some of these cases are brought on behalf of people who do not even claim to have been harmed by taking a drug. Instead, lawyers are seeking massive payouts for anyone who merely purchased a drug.
"Other areas of the state have problems, too, such as... an astounding appellate court ruling in a Cape May case holding restaurant and bar owners responsible for accidents caused by drunken patrons, even if those patrons didn't consume alcohol while at their establishments.
"Such decisions are certainly bad for small businesses, but lawyers are doing all right: An advisory committee to the New Jersey Supreme Court found that a contingency fee lawyer may in some cases take as much as half of his or her client's recovery."