"Metro Bank today filed a nearly $52,000 mortgage foreclosure action against Harrisburg Mayor Linda D. Thompson in Dauphin County Court," reports the Patriot-News here.
"The complaint targets a property Thompson owns at 2320 N. Fifth St. in the city. It is the former headquarters of Loveship, a nonprofit agency that counseled residents on their mortgages. Thompson founded and ran the company" before she was elected mayor two years ago. The mortgage has gone unpaid since September, and the property faces a sherriff's sale
"This is a personal matter and has no bearing on the mayor’s office,” said the mayor's spokeman, Robert Philbin said. The mayor also owes delinquent school taxes.
Harrisburg has been taken over by the state because of its financial problems.
Mayor Thompson opposed efforts by City Council and other officials to file for federal bankruptcy protection, siding with Gov. Tom Corbett and other state officials and helping them win a court battle to take over city finances, even though this puts the mayor on the sidelines in deciding what city assets will be sold to pay bondholders and other creditors.

"As her position is that she is against bankruptcy, I trust that she is prepared to lose the property," said Mark Schwartz, City Council's lawyer.