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Cash for brains: B.Franklin Tech pumps $2.3M to 16 start-ups

Local brains get funded

Ben Franklin Technology Partners, the Philadelphia-based, state-backed startup/early-stage investment fund, says it's spreading $2.3 million among 16 new and repeat companies set up by locally-based brains:

Jenrin Discovery Inc. (Ross. J. Chorvat, Wilmington, Del.) -- developing "small-molecule drugs" that "selectively target peripheral receptors" for liver disease, diabetes, obesity.

SonoSolve (Steven C. Davis, Philadelphia, and doctors at Penn) -- "a revolutionary new device that aims to eliminate catheter-associated complications, using non-invasive sound waves to clear obstructions"  and biofilms within catheters.

MBF Therapeutics (Thomas Tillett, Ambler) -- "a veterinary oncology company"

Kynectiv, Inc. (Bob Yayac, Ambler) -- "a leading provider of simulation-based technology" and data collection for worker training programs

Advent Therapeutics, Inc. (David Lopez, Lumberville, Pa.): "A platform approach" to develop neonatal, pediatric and similar "orphan drug niche markets"

VitalTrax (Zikira Syed, Philadelphia) - "A cloud based enterprise platform and a mobile application" for clinical trials.

Choosito! Inc. (Eleni Miltsakaki, Philadelphia) -- Developed an "artifical intelligence natural language processing and machine learning technology" to select digital content appropriate to students.

The One Health Company (Christina K. Lopes, Philadelphia): "Connecting naturally sick pets to clinical trials just like in human (cancer) trials"

Photosonix Medical, Inc. (Drs. Mark Schafer and Tessie McNeely, Fort Washington) : Trademarked CLENS (Coincident Light Energy and Non-focused ultraSound), "a novel energy-based therapy" using light and ultrasound "to treat chronic bacterial infections (biofilms)" staring with "moderate to severe acne."

FlockU ( Josh Verne, King of Prussia):  "A digital hub dedicated to providing college students" student-written material on everything from "current events to party tips."

Sustrana LLC (Nancy Cleveland, Devon, Pa.) : "A software company that provides sustainability management solutions"

Keriton LLC (Vidur S. Bhatnagar, Philadelphia): "Breast milk management and lactation analytics platform for neonatal intensive-care units"

COSY Cognitive Operations Systems, Inc. (Jonas Cleveland, Prof. Kostas Daniilidis ex-GRASP Lab at Penn chief and co-founder "An artificial intelligence software company that powers off-the-shelf robots to survey retail store floors"