Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, at a Sanford Bernstein investor converence today, on last week's acquisition of Plaxo, operator of the Pulse social-network system, and other deals:
  "A start-up company wants to work with somebody like Comcast. Take Plaxo for instance. They do (online) community, they do address book management. Well, we have 10 million address books, we have a community of 24 million people who do television. So OK, we see a convergence coming.
  "These are leaders in that space, and innovators... So there's certain companies occasionally, these tend to be very small, that can help innovate inside our company and can help take us and lead the inovation we need to do in a competitive business. And so, that's the plan...
  "Let's not concede web design, web creation, monetary gains, to every start-up. Let's try, in a modest way, to go about it (ourselves)... We've been building quietly about that notion. Fancast, our latest, anybody who wants to consume video on the Net, we have video relationships with every content company. Why not use that? Fancast got milions of users. It didn't cost very much to create. "
  More on the Plaxo deal here:
  Today's Webcast here: Plaxo, Fandango, small-business discussion starts around 33 minutes in.