DuPont Co., the Wimington-based industrial-materials maker, cut its 2011 profit target by around $90 million, or 10 cents a share, citing "uncertainty" over the world economy that has cut into industrial plastics sales and consumer electronics sales, reducing demand for some key DuPont products, boss Ellen Kullman said in this statement. New target here, previous target here.

The cut trims just 2.5% from DuPont's annual forecast, still a robust $3.91 a share. But it's a bigger cut for the fourth quarter. DuPont still says it expects this year's profits will be at least 18% ahead of last year's, and expects more growth in 2012.
DuPont, one of the 30 giant US companies that comprise the benchmark Dow-Jones Industrial Average, plans to tell more about its results and prospects next week.