Looks like Metro Bank, the attempt to create an updated version of depositor-oriented Commerce Bank from its  Central Pennsylvania franchise after the rest became part of Toronto's TD Bank, has put at least a few customers thru its own growing pains as the company converts customers from TD's computer systems to Metro's new ones.

Joe Stepansky from Harrisburg, who handles his church's funds in a Metr Bank account, tells me, "Check out www.consumerist.com and what's been going on with the Metro on-line banking conversion and ATM difficulties...

"We've suffered through "System Unavailable" messages.  Wait times to speak with a customer representative of 45 minutes and more.  I've seen transfers between accounts that the system says 'failed' because that function was 'unavailable' show up anyway, after a second transfer was done due to the earlier 'failure'.  Uncertainty regarding whether on-line bill payments actually went through.  Passwords on at least one of Metro's web pages that appear in plain text, rather than hidden as you enter them. 

"You get the idea.  I trust this will all get fixed... I won't say it's been a nightmare, but it's been far from seamless."

Sounds typical for a bank conversion - circa 1990. We've asked Metro for comment. Jason Kirsch says there were "some disruptions," but those are mostly past, and there's been "heavy call volumes," which continue as of today.

Adds Stepansky: "A little notice might have been nice.  Something like 'here's what you're used to with Commerce, here's what you'll see with Metro'.  I can accept change, or the need to change, but I can't accept not being informed and having to fish around their system for answers."