Would you buy a car from a bankrupt company? Backed by the U.S. Government, GM (and Chrysler) "will continue to honor consumer warranties," though with a difference that's important to some people: it'll be tough to sue anyone when the results aren't satisfactory,  as the Inquirer's Jeff Gelles reports.

Mark Kreider, owner of Manheim Imports across the road from the giant Manheim Auto Auction out in Lancaster County, says the basic message -- that auto warranties survive bankruptcy -- hasn't gotten through to the general public. And, in a letter to KYW-AM news radio, he shows what thorough reporting can add -- or not -- to a breaking news story:

"I am a daily listener -- 2, 3, even sometimes 4 times a day. Having said that, I continue to be annoyed at the sound bytes that paint a distorted picture" in radio coverage of the GM bankruptcy.

"Certainly the man-on-the-street interviews are an important part of your mission. However, backing them up with a little research may present a fuller picture to your listeners. 

"Specifically, I am referring to the question, 'Would you buy a new car from Chrysler or GM?', asked by one of your reporters.  She made the point that it was a virtually unanimous 'no', with specific reference to fear of warranty problems if they totally fail.

"The President specifically and emphatically addressed this issue, which your coverage never mentioned... Maybe a sound byte from Obama addressing this would have been a good followup.   

"I know you are in the breaking news business. However, we all knew this announcement was coming... Ask pertinent followup questions that will give the listener more info. Which is what we listen for." What he reads for, too.