Seven billion is a big number. Soon the world will be home to that many people, demographers tell us. SAP AG, the German business-software giant whose US headquarters is in Newtown Square, was hired by the United Nations to help make that number real for online viewers.

The result is, built on SAP's Crystal Dashboard for the United Nationals Population Fund "to determine the best ways to visualize the UN data," says SAP spokesman Evan Welsh. The site shows pictures and tells brief stories of people around the world, some of them UN-linked; links readers to data and to UN-type civic groups like the Peace Foundation, and runs an odometer-like population clock that adds 2 or 3 people every second as we approach seven billion humans.
An SAP group including engineers, managers, marketers from Vancouver, Portland, New York and Palo Alto worked on the site, Welsh told me.  

Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, executive director of the UN's Population Fund, praised SAP's role as a "private sector partner" helping UN's "call to action" for "equal rights and dignity" based on "the milestone of seven billion". The project's corporate sponsors also include Johnson & Johnson, which makes contraceptives designed to slow that population growth rate.