Philadelphia lobbyist-flacks Larry Ceisler, Daniel McElhatton and Frank Keel are promoting a rally for noon Wednesday, on the west side of City Hall, for people who would rather City Council boost property taxes, cut pension funding, close libraries - anything, so long as they don't pass Mayor Nutter's proposal to tax soda and other sugary drinks that make us fat.

They lobbyists have arranged for clients like Teamsters Local 830 President Danny Grace, whose members drive soda around the city; North Philly grocer Rushdi Mohamed, of Cousin's Markets, which sell a long list of Caribbean- as well as American-themed colored and flavored sugar-water; and South Philly restaurant owner Pete Chiarrochi of Chickie's and Pete's, to plead the don't-tax-our-products case.

Update Wed. a.m.: The Sugar-Water Caucus has put out an updated statement: Republican city councilmen Brian O'Neill and Frank Rizzo have signed on.